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The Health and Welfare Plan

On January 1, 2016 we switched out Health and Welfare Plan to the Employee Painters’ Trust Health and Welfare Plan. The plan is administrated by Zenith American Solutions, a third party administrator acting on behalf of the Union and

In addition to the plan document, you can view and/or download a benefits presentation from the December, 2015 Board Meeting (click here). It is a good summary of benefits and includes a sample ID card that you can use while waiting for your ID card.

Contact (plan document has more complete list of contacts):
Claims, eligibility,etc.  (800) 566‐4455 or (509)534‐0265

The Pension Plan

The Pension Trust is administrated by our partners at the William C. Earhart Company.

The Earhart Company is a third party administrator acting on behalf of the Union and Management Trustees and are available to answer questions in person or on the phone during business hours.

Contact: Dona Wallis (pronounced Donna)(503) 535-1414.

They are responsible for the administration of Local 740’s pension plan. They are responsible for compiling all hours paid on behalf of each member and computing its value base on the instructions given them by the plan Trustees. Each year they give our members a written statement of benefits showing the current years' contribution as well as the monthly value they have earned thus far in their career. They are the party to which all questions regarding eligibility, monthly valuations and pension rules should be directed.

The Old Health Plan (prior to 2016)

For those with on-going claims under the old plan, we have included the plan documents above and the following contacts for you convenience:

Insurance Claims: Debbie (503) 331-8210
Disability Claims: Colleen (503) 331-8232
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