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Every month employers pay into each members vacation and holiday account an amount equal to the sum of 7.6% of the straight-time earnings for all compensable hours worked up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. This sum is the amount it would take to pay yourself for our nine paid holidays as well as two weeks of vacation at your current rate. We open an account at the IBEW Credit Union for each member and members have access to all or some of the money at anytime.

Local 740 and the IBEW Credit Union have enjoyed a great working relationship for over two decades. While they have always done an excellent job maintaining our members vacation accounts, that is only a small part of the service available at your Credit Union. From mortgages to auto loans, certificates of deposit and online banking; you are welcome to any or all of their services. If you wish more information on the IBEW Credit Union, you can check the products and services they have available, at your convenience. 


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